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Body Image Issues

When you look in the mirror, what do you see first? Likely you see the flaws and never make it to the good parts. While body image issues come in a range too many people struggle to find happiness with their shape and size.

Feeling better about our bodies is not merely about self esteem. It is about removing the distorted filter we use to view ourselves.

Dr. Bruce Lipton found that up to 70% of our thoughts are actually disempowering, limiting, and self sabotaging. This scientific evidence suggests we devote more energy to being unhappy with ourselves than any other line of thought. No wonder we have trouble realizing our dreams, we are too focused on our imaginary flaws.

What if you could liberate yourself from the critic in your head?

This program is designed to nurture self perception so you can free yourself from the chatter. A balanced body image will have you feeling energized, more productive, and measurably happier across all fields of your life. When you love yourself first, the gratitude you express permeates every facet of your life.

Breaking Patterns

We live by patterns, patterns of time, of emotions, of behaviors.

Have you ever reacted to something and said to yourself, “Why did I do that?” or “Why does this keep happening to me?”

These are tell tale signs that our repeated behaviors have more control over our lives than we do. Patterns come in many shapes in sizes, but you don’t have to look too far to discover that the relationships you have, the work situations you are in, the problems that you encounter have similarities to one another. The common denominator is you.

When our actions come before our thoughts it is because we are operating based on patterns, rather than choice. By the time we are in our thirties, our behaviors are mostly memorized and well beyond our awareness. It is why you can brush your hair in the dark, find the lock on your front door, and fish a credit card out of your wallet without looking. We spend most of the day in a memorized set of actions.

Embedded deep within our subconscious, the patterns of our lives are probably due for an update. Take a step towards re-programming how your react emotionally to the world around you and watch old patterns fall away and design new patterns for your future.

It is why you can brush your hair in the dark, find the lock on your front door, and fish a credit card out of your wallet without looking. We spend most of the day in a memorized set of actions.

The strange thing about the patterns in our lives, is that we were hardly aware we were forming them. In most cases, we might not even like the patterns we have, but can’t figure out how to stop them. They feel like they are beyond our control.

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Guided Meditation

Mediation is more than sitting still. It is a healing tool used for thousands of years, but only recently has science been able to test the powers of mediation. When most people think of meditation, they imagine the myths of swamis or mantra chanting yogis. They say to themselves, “I can’t meditate for more than five minutes, or my life is too busy, I don’t have time for this.”

There is a Zen proverb that says, “If you have only and hour to meditate, sit for an hour. If you only have twenty minutes, sit for an hour.”

Guided meditation is a tool. Like any tool, we need to learn how to use it. Sitting endless hours murmuring mantras or watching incense burn down will never lead anywhere. Meditation, more specifically Guided Meditation, is learned from one person to the next. It is a deliberate practice that starts small but very quickly will make a huge impact in daily life.

Meditation is a simple way to settle your emotions. It gets you out of your way. By using highly specialized breathing techniques guided meditation allows you to enter your subconscious. Why would you want to do that? Do you know that voice in your head that is always on? The one that second guesses you, talks you out of doing things, and spends day and night distracting you? Meditation allows you to quiet that voice and lower volume on fears and anxieties.

But what if you don’t have thirty years to sit in a monastery? For people who want to put meditation to use now, the fast way to do it is with a guide. Because while you will be doing most of the work, it is helpful to have someone along the way keeping you on track. It makes the best use of your time so you can get right into the practice successfully.

With a little practice it is possible (and measurable) to enter a meditative state with in a few minutes. You can change your brain waves from High Beta to Alpha, Theta, Delta, and even Gamma. If those terms are new to you, don’t worry, Stacy will walk you through the posture, breathing, and coherence techniques, so you can become your own guide.