Many people got to know Stacy Berman by getting their asses handed to them at one of her Stacy’s  Bootcamp sessions in Central Park. A pioneer in the fitness industry, Stacy created the first all year outdoor bootcamp in NYC back in 1999. Called a “NYC fitness icon” by Forbes Magazine, Stacy trail-blazed the way for the global boutique fitness craze we see today.

It was during her rise in the fitness arena and her own that Stacy realized spiritual and mental healing is not only as imperative as physical wellness, but that they are irrevocably intertwined. There was much more to her work than push-ups in the park.

This began her work in psychoneuroimmunology. Stacy now holds a PhD in Natural Medicine, apprenticed for 8 years to a Shaman of the Native American Hopi tradition, is a Reiki Master, studied under Dr. Pillai, Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton. Stacy has over twenty years of experience in the health and wellness industry where she worked with a broad spectrum of people from celebrity Chef Bobby Flay to triathletes to business people.

Stacy is presently writing a book Naked: The Science of Self Perception, Spirituality and Weight Loss that combines over twenty years in the health and wellness industries with scientific research to reveal how our thoughts affect the way we feel. She is a co-host on The Naked Podcast and runs a blog entitled Mean Texts from Your Body.  Stacy is truly a forerunner in the mind - body holistic health movement with tens of thousands of hours of real life experience.